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How to send secret messages in images


Introduction to Steganography with Stegosuite

Steganography is the art and science of concealing information by embedding messages within seemingly innocent communications. It’s an ancient habit that has resurfaced in the digital era. Stegosuite, a software application designed to insert secret data into picture files, is one of the most advanced digital steganography tools available today. This post will walk you through the process of utilizing Stegosuite to encrypt your data within photos, limiting access to those who know it exists.

What is a Stegosuite?

Stegosuite is a free and open-source steganography program that lets you hide data within JPEG pictures. The program has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users who have no prior familiarity with steganography. Stegosuite not only efficiently conceals data, but it also protects it with passwords, providing an added degree of security.


Stegosuite usually comes built into Kali but if like me you’re using Parrot OS or another Debian-based OS it can be installed by running:

sudo apt-get install stegosuite

Embedding data

Launch the gui by running the following command:

stegosuite gui

Stegosuite supports the following file types:

After choosing a file to embed data into set a message, choose the data you wish to embed, set a password and click “Embed” to save the new file.

Extracting Data from a Stego File

To extract data from an image:

Practical applications

Steganography may be used in a variety of sectors to provide secure communication. For example, journalists might use it to safeguard sources or deliver sensitive material. It is also helpful in business settings to protect proprietary information, as well as in personal settings to maintain privacy.

Security and Limitations.

While Stegosuite adds an extra degree of protection, it’s crucial to recognize its limits. Steganography is not a substitute for encryption; rather, it is a method of security by obscurity. If it is thought that concealed data exists, the approach may be jeopardized.


Steganography is an effective technology for ensuring privacy and security. Stegosuite makes this technology accessible to everyone by giving a simple way to embed and extract data from photographs. As with any security technology, responsible use is essential— make sure your steganographic techniques are ethical and lawful.